Yes, You Can be a Better Writer and Speaker

“Can I learn to be a better writer/speaker/communicator if I don’t consider it one of my strengths?”

Female hand writing Can Stock Photo Inc. isuaneye smThat was one of the questions asked in a pre-workshop questionnaire by an attendee at one of my recent writing workshops.

The answer is, yes. Everyone can become a better writer/speaker/communicator. Writing and speaking is an art, but it is also a craft. According to Merriam-Webster, “art implies a personal, unanalyzable creative power” while “craft may imply expertness in workmanship.”

Learning the craft—the workmanship—of communication only takes willingness and commitment. Art—the creativity—comes when you begin to play with the skills you have learned. Just like a master carpenter first learns the basic skills of woodworking before experimenting with design, a wordsmith must first learn the basic rules of the English language. You’ll soon find that the English language is very flexible and fluid. That sometimes makes it difficult to learn, but it also makes it fun to play with.

Ready to start? Begin with my book, Write It, Speak It: Writing a Speech They’ll APPLAUD! Then contact me for a free, one-hour, no-obligation discussion on how I may coach you into better communications. You can do it. Everyone can.

Tom Pfeifer is the managing partner and chief strategist for Consistent Voice Communications and author of Write It, Speak It: Writing a Speech They’ll APPLAUD! Reach him at

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