Bookstores losing to browsers who buy on-line?

The New York Times, in a story titled “Come Meet the Author, but Be Prepared to Open Your Wallet,” notes that readers often go into a bookstore, find what they are looking for, then leave and buy it on-line. That never occurred to me before. If I have the book in my hand, why would I order it and wait for it to arrive? Is this really a widespread phenomenon? Take my poll and educate everyone. Please also comment on why you browse, leave and purchase. This poll is not available in any bookstore. You will only find it on-line.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I like to browse because I can look inside the books and read more than the first chapter, and because looking on a shelf, I find things that I wouldn’t by doing an Amazon search. However, as a broke grad student, I tend to either buy the books used online or find them through a library (unless there is a pressing urgency to getting a book now), because even a new paperback costs as much as dinner at a restaurant.



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